types.hpp File Reference

types definition for GATB. More...

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <vector>
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typedef int32_t CountNumber
typedef std::vector< CountNumberCountVector

Detailed Description

types definition for GATB.


We define here some types used throughout the code.

Important: we define typedefs such as int16_t or u_int64_t. It is a good idea to use such typedefs instead of direct 'unsigned long' or 'short' for instance, because the actual number of used bytes may depend on the operating system/architecture. Using u_int32_t for instance ensure that we get an unsigned integer on 4 bytes.

Note that we use the <sys/types.h> file on Linux and MacOs. Such file may not exist on Windows (on Mingw to be more precise), so we propose here a definition. This is not perfect and should be improved.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int32_t CountNumber

We define a type for counting kmer occurrence.

typedef std::vector<CountNumber> CountVector

We define a type for a vector holding kmer counts.