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file  AbstractBank.hpp
 Abstract implementation of the IBank interface.
file  Alphabet.hpp
 Implementation for genomic alphabets.
file  Bank.hpp
 User front end for opening genomic banks in a generic way.
file  BankAlbum.hpp
 Bank format that holds other banks URI.
file  BankBinary.hpp
 Binary bank format.
file  BankComposite.hpp
 Composite bank, ie. a bank made of other banks.
file  BankConverterAlgorithm.hpp
 Bank conversion from one IBank to another IBank.
file  BankFasta.hpp
 FASTA bank format.
file  BankHelpers.hpp
 Helpers for managing IBank objects.
file  BankRandom.hpp
 Random bank format.
file  Banks.hpp
 Include all IBank implementations.
file  BankSplitter.hpp
 Interface definition for genomic databases management.
file  BankStrings.hpp
 Hard coded genomic bank (mainly for tests)