BloomExtendedNeighborCoherent< Item > Class Template Reference

Bloom filter implementation with cache consideration. More...

#include <Bloom.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BloomExtendedNeighborCoherent (u_int64_t tai_bloom, size_t kmersize, size_t nbHash=7, size_t block_nbits=12)
void insert (const Item &item)
std::string getName () const
u_int64_t getBitSize ()
bool contains (const Item &item, const Item &next=0)
std::bitset< 4 > contains4 (const Item &item, bool right)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BloomCacheCoherent< Item >
 BloomCacheCoherent (u_int64_t tai_bloom, size_t nbHash=4, size_t block_nbits=12)
bool contains (const Item &item)
unsigned long weight ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bloom< Item >
 Bloom (u_int64_t tai_bloom, size_t nbHash=4)
void flush ()
void dump (const char *filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BloomContainer< Item >
 BloomContainer (u_int64_t tai_bloom, size_t nbHash=4)
virtual ~BloomContainer ()
size_t getNbHash () const
virtual std::bitset< 8 > contains8 (const Item &item)
virtual u_int8_t *& getArray ()
virtual u_int64_t getSize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IBloom< Item >
virtual ~IBloom ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Container< Item >
virtual ~Container ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISmartPointer
virtual ~ISmartPointer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bag< Item >
virtual void insert (const std::vector< Item > &items, size_t length=0)
virtual void insert (const Item *items, size_t length)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SmartPointer
void use ()
void forget ()

Additional Inherited Members

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 SmartPointer ()
virtual ~SmartPointer ()

Detailed Description

template<typename Item>
class gatb::core::tools::collections::impl::BloomExtendedNeighborCoherent< Item >

Bloom filter implementation with cache consideration.

This implementation improve memory locality in the Bloom filter between a kmer and its neighbors. This means that this implementation should be used only with Item being a kmer.

In particular, it implements contains4 and contains8 in a clever way.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BloomExtendedNeighborCoherent ( u_int64_t  tai_bloom,
size_t  kmersize,
size_t  nbHash = 7,
size_t  block_nbits = 12 


[in]tai_bloom: size (in bits) of the bloom filter.
[in]kmersize: kmer size
[in]hmersize: hashpart size
[in]nbHash: number of hash functions to use
[in]block_nbits: size of the block (actual 2^nbits)

Member Function Documentation

bool contains ( const Item &  item,
const Item &  next = 0 

std::bitset<4> contains4 ( const Item &  item,
bool  right 

Tells whether the 4 neighbors of the given item are in the Bloom filter. The 4 neighbors are computed from the given item by adding successively nucleotides 'A', 'C', 'T' and 'G' Note: some implementation may not provide this service.

[in]item: starting item from which neighbors are computed.
[in]right: if true, successors are computed, otherwise predecessors are computed.
a bitset with a boolean for the 'contains' status of each neighbor

Reimplemented from BloomContainer< Item >.

u_int64_t getBitSize ( )

Get the size of the Bloom filter (in bits).

the size of the bit set of the Bloom filter

Reimplemented from BloomCacheCoherent< Item >.

std::string getName ( ) const

Get the name of the implementation class.

the class name.

Reimplemented from BloomCacheCoherent< Item >.

void insert ( const Item &  item)

Reimplemented from BloomCacheCoherent< Item >.

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