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Implementation of ITime interface. More...

#include <TimeCommon.hpp>

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 TimeCycle ()
Value getTimeStamp ()
double getClockFrequency ()
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 TimeAbstract (Unit unit)
Unit getUnit ()
std::string getDateString ()
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virtual ~ITime ()

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typedef u_int64_t Value

Detailed Description

Implementation of ITime interface.

This implementation tries to use a precise hardware time counter, known as the Time Stamp Counter. It is then possible to get time stamps as number of clock cycles which provides a great accuracy.

Note that we use a third party library for this (see Agner Fog's work) providing a assembler coded function that returns the time stamp counter value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TimeCycle ( )


Member Function Documentation

double getClockFrequency ( )
an estimation of the CPU clock frequency in GHz.
Value getTimeStamp ( )

Returns a time stamp, ie the number of time atoms (depending on chosen time unit) since some define T0 time. Such a starting time can be the 01.01.1970 for instance, or the beginning of the process. It implies that clients should be interested not in the absolute value returned by the method but by the distance between two such values.

elapsed time atoms number.

Implements ITime.

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