System Class Reference

Entry point providing access to operating system resources. More...

#include <System.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static ISystemInfoinfo ()
static ITimetime ()
static IFileSystemfile ()
static IMemorymemory ()
static IThreadFactorythread ()

Detailed Description

Entry point providing access to operating system resources.

The IResource class provides a unique entry point for accessing different kinds of operating system resources (threads, time, file, etc...).

Normally, the client should use such an instance for getting OS resources instead of directly call system defendant functions. This is important because it will ease the build of client tools for different OS/architecture; the only thing to do is to use a specific instance of IResource for matching the correct OS.

Member Function Documentation

static IFileSystem& file ( )

Access for file methods.

static ISystemInfo& info ( )

Access for info methods.

static IMemory& memory ( )

Access for memory methods.

static IThreadFactory& thread ( )

Access for thread methods.

static ITime& time ( )

Access for time methods.

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