Repartitor Class Reference

#include <PartiInfo.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef u_int16_t Value

Public Member Functions

 Repartitor (int nbpart=0, int minimsize=0, int nbPass=1)
 Repartitor (tools::storage::impl::Group &group)
 ~Repartitor ()
void computeDistrib (const PartiInfo< 5 > &pInfo)
Value operator() (u_int64_t minimizerValue)
void load (tools::storage::impl::Group &group)
void save (tools::storage::impl::Group &group)
void printInfo ()
size_t getNbPasses () const
uint32_t * getMinimizerFrequencies ()
void setMinimizerFrequencies (uint32_t *freq)
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void use ()
void forget ()
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virtual ~ISmartPointer ()

Additional Inherited Members

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 SmartPointer ()
virtual ~SmartPointer ()

Detailed Description

Class providing hash values for minimizers.

Minimizer (of size m) values are gathered in N partitions, so a function from 4^m values to N values is built. This function is built thanks to a PartiInfo object that is built while scanning a part of the input bank (ie. information about minimizers distribution is built then).

The hash value is got through the operator() method.

It is possible to save/load an instance of this class; this may be useful for having the same partition as the solid kmers for other purpose (like debloom for instance).

Note: this class could be renamed in the future to emphasize it essentially provides a hash function service.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef u_int16_t Value

Hash value type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Repartitor ( int  nbpart = 0,
int  minimsize = 0,
int  nbPass = 1 


[in]nbpart: hash value will be in range [0..nbpart-1]
[in]minimsize: size of the minimizers.


~Repartitor ( )


Member Function Documentation

void computeDistrib ( const PartiInfo< 5 > &  pInfo)

Compute the hash function for the minimizer.

[in]pInfo: information about the distribution of the minimizers.
uint32_t* getMinimizerFrequencies ( )

Get a buffer on minimizer frequencies.

size_t getNbPasses ( ) const

Get the number of passes used to split the input bank.

void load ( tools::storage::impl::Group group)

Load the repartition table from a storage object.

[in]group: group where the repartition table has to be loaded
Value operator() ( u_int64_t  minimizerValue)

Returns the hash value for the given minimizer value.

[in]minimizerValue: minimizer value as an integer.
hash value for the given minimizer.
void printInfo ( )

For debug purpose.

void save ( tools::storage::impl::Group group)

Save the repartition table into a storage object.

[in]group: group where the repartition table has to be saved
void setMinimizerFrequencies ( uint32_t *  freq)

Set the minimizer frequencies.

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