PartiInfo< xmer > Class Template Reference

#include <PartiInfo.hpp>

Public Member Functions

u_int64_t getNbKmer (int numpart, int radix, int xx) const
 PartiInfo (int nbpart, int minimsize)
 PartiInfo (const PartiInfo &cr)
 ~PartiInfo ()

Detailed Description

template<size_t xmer>
class gatb::core::kmer::impl::PartiInfo< xmer >

class containing info of each parti : exact number of kmers per parti

will be computed by fillparti, then used by fillsolids needed beacause the exact number of kmers per parti can no longer be inferred from partition file size xmer ==1 –> only k0 mer (xmer == nb max of kmers in kx mer, not the x k1 mer == 2 kmers max in k1 mer)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PartiInfo ( int  nbpart,
int  minimsize 


PartiInfo ( const PartiInfo< xmer > &  cr)

Constructor (copy). Needed for fillparti class.

~PartiInfo ( )


Member Function Documentation

u_int64_t getNbKmer ( int  numpart,
int  radix,
int  xx 
) const

Get nbk in bin radix of parti numpart

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