BranchingAlgorithm< span, Node, Edge, Graph_t > Class Template Reference

Computation of the branching nodes of a Graph. More...

#include <BranchingAlgorithm.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef kmer::impl::Kmer< span >::ModelCanonical Model

Public Member Functions

 BranchingAlgorithm (const Graph_t &graph, tools::storage::impl::Storage &storage, tools::misc::BranchingKind kind, size_t nb_cores=0, tools::misc::IProperties *options=0)
 BranchingAlgorithm (tools::storage::impl::Storage &storage)
 ~BranchingAlgorithm ()
void execute ()
tools::collections::Collection< Count > * getBranchingCollection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Algorithm
 Algorithm (const std::string &name, int nbCores=-1, gatb::core::tools::misc::IProperties *input=0)
virtual ~Algorithm ()
std::string getName () const
void run ()
virtual IPropertiesgetInput ()
virtual IPropertiesgetOutput ()
virtual IPropertiesgetInfo ()
virtual dp::IDispatchergetDispatcher ()
virtual TimeInfogetTimeInfo ()
virtual IPropertiesgetSystemInfo ()
template<typename Item >
dp::Iterator< Item > * createIterator (dp::Iterator< Item > *iter, size_t nbIterations=0, const char *message=0, dp::IteratorListener *listener=0)
virtual dp::IteratorListenercreateIteratorListener (size_t nbIterations, const char *message)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SmartPointer
void use ()
void forget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISmartPointer
virtual ~ISmartPointer ()

Static Public Member Functions

static tools::misc::IOptionsParsergetOptionsParser ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Algorithm
template<template< size_t > class Functor>
static int mainloop (tools::misc::IOptionsParser *parser, int argc, char *argv[])

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Algorithm
std::string getUriByKey (const std::string &key)
std::string getUri (const std::string &str)
void setInput (IProperties *input)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SmartPointer
 SmartPointer ()
virtual ~SmartPointer ()

Detailed Description

template<size_t span = KMER_DEFAULT_SPAN, typename Node = Node_t<>, typename Edge = Edge_t<Node_t<> >, typename Graph_t = Graph>
class gatb::core::debruijn::impl::BranchingAlgorithm< span, Node, Edge, Graph_t >

Computation of the branching nodes of a Graph.

This class implements an algorithm that looks for branching nodes in the provided graph.

A node N is branching <=> successors(N).size()!=1 || predecessors(N).size()!=1

All found branching nodes are put into a storage object.

Actually, this class is mainly used in the debruijn::impl::Graph class as a fourth step for the de Bruijn graph creation.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef kmer::impl::Kmer<span>::ModelCanonical Model


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BranchingAlgorithm ( const Graph_t &  graph,
tools::storage::impl::Storage storage,
tools::misc::BranchingKind  kind,
size_t  nb_cores = 0,
tools::misc::IProperties options = 0 


[in]graph: graph from which we look for branching nodes
[in]storage: storage where the found branching nodes will be put
[in]kind: kind of branching algorithm
[in]nb_cores: number of cores to be used; 0 means all available cores
[in]options: extra options


[in]storage: retrieve the branching nodes from this storage.


Member Function Documentation

void execute ( )

Execution of the algorithm. Abstract method, must be refined in subclasses.

Implements Algorithm.

tools::collections::Collection<Count>* getBranchingCollection ( )

Get the branching nodes as a collection of Count objects, ie couples of [kmer,abundance]

the collection of Count object.
IOptionsParser * getOptionsParser ( )

Get an option parser for branching parameters. Dynamic allocation, so must be released when no more used.

an instance of IOptionsParser.

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