BankFasta::Iterator Class Reference

Specific Iterator impl for Bank class. More...

#include <BankFasta.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Iterator (BankFasta &ref, CommentMode_e commentMode=FULL)
 ~Iterator ()
void first ()
void next ()
bool isDone ()
Sequenceitem ()
void estimate (u_int64_t &number, u_int64_t &totalSize, u_int64_t &maxSize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Iterator< Sequence >
Sequence * operator-> ()
Sequence & operator* ()
void iterate (const Functor &f)
virtual void setItem (Sequence &i)
bool get (std::vector< Sequence > &current)
virtual void reset ()
virtual std::vector< Iterator< Sequence > * > getComposition ()
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void use ()
void forget ()
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virtual ~ISmartPointer ()

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 SmartPointer ()
virtual ~SmartPointer ()

Detailed Description

Specific Iterator impl for Bank class.

This implementation relies on the initial code from Minia. It wraps the Iterator interface with the Minia code.

Note that we made some effort not to put implementation code here in the header; see in particular buffered_file and buffered_strings attributes whose type is void* (and not the implementation type defined in the cpp file).

Note the small improvement compared to Minia: it is possible to create an Iterator that provides (or not) sequence comments, according to the corresponding parameter given to the Iterator constructor.


  • in case we have several banks to read, we could have at one time only one stream opened on the currently iterated file. The current implementation opens all streams, which may be avoided.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Define what kind of comment we want to retrieve. Such comments can be retrieved through gatb::core::bank::Sequence


Empty comments are provided to clients.


Comments with only the FASTA ID are provided to clients.
Ex: 'ENSTTRP00000009639pep:novel'


Full comments are provided to clients.
Ex: 'ENSTTRP00000001236pep:novel genescaffold:turTru1:GeneScaffold_3311:182575:189152:1'

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Iterator ( BankFasta ref,
CommentMode_e  commentMode = FULL 


[in]ref: the associated iterable instance.
[in]commentMode: kind of comments we want to retrieve
~Iterator ( )


Member Function Documentation

void estimate ( u_int64_t &  number,
u_int64_t &  totalSize,
u_int64_t &  maxSize 

Estimation of the sequences information

void first ( )

Method that initializes the iteration.

Implements Iterator< Sequence >.

bool isDone ( )

Method telling whether the iteration is finished or not.

true if iteration is finished, false otherwise.

Implements Iterator< Sequence >.

Sequence& item ( )

Method that returns the current iterated item. Note that the returned type is the template type.

the current item in the iteration.

Implements Iterator< Sequence >.

void next ( )

Method that goes to the next item in the iteration.

status of the iteration

Implements Iterator< Sequence >.

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