IBankFactory Class Referenceabstract

Factory for IBank. More...

#include <IBank.hpp>

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virtual IBankcreateBank (const std::string &uri)=0
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void use ()
void forget ()
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virtual ~ISmartPointer ()

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 SmartPointer ()
virtual ~SmartPointer ()

Detailed Description

Factory for IBank.

This interface provides a factory method that builds a IBank* instance given some identifier.

Such an identifier can be an uri (FASTA banks for instance), or any mechanism allowing to retrieve enough information for creating instances of a specific IBank implementation.

Actually, the gatb::core::bank::impl::Bank class relies on a list of registered IBankFactory instances.

Member Function Documentation

virtual IBank* createBank ( const std::string &  uri)
pure virtual

Create an instance of IBank for a given uri.

[in]uri: the uri used for create the bank
the IBank instance.

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